The Commission aims at coordinating and representing the interest of the Swiss hydrology in the national and international committees and organisations.more

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Contributions to the publication series “Beiträge zur Hydrologie der Schweiz”

This hydrological publication series is a joint effort of the Swiss Society for Hydrology and Limnology SSHL and the Swiss Hydrological Commission CHy. It deals with current topics of hydrological research in Switzerland.

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Contributions to the hydrology of Switzerland: ISSN No. 1421-1130 (printed version) / 1664-9729 (electronic version)

Contributions to the geology of Switzerland - Hydrology: ISSS No. 0375-5835 (printed version) / 1664-9710 (electronic version)

We thank Swisstopo (National Geology) for their support in scanning the publications.


  • Hydrology, Limnology, Glaciology