The Commission aims at coordinating and representing the interest of the Swiss hydrology in the national and international committees and organisations.more

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Archive events

15. Tag der Hydrologie "Wasserressourcen im globalen Wandel"

Hydrologische Grundlagen – von der Messung zur Anwendung

4. bis 6. April 2013 in Bern

Final presentations of the results of the project" Effects of climate change on water resources and watercourses"

8 June 2012 in Bern

Tagung "Einfluss der Klimaänderung auf die Wasserkraftnutzung"

8. September 2011 in Visp

Symposium "Operational Hydrological Forecasting"

14 - 15 June 2010 in Berne

Opening of the Secretariat of the Swiss Hydrological Commission CHy

5 June 2009 in Berne

Snow, Ice and Water in the Alps - of high actuality

5 - 6 June 2009 in Beren and Grindelwald

Alpine Hydrologie - Snow Hydrology

22 August 2008 in Davos

Klimawandel und Hydrologie

23.8.2006 bei Basler & Hofmann, Esslingen