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Award ceremony for the Prix Schläfli Chemistry 2020



Lieu de l'événement

lecture hall HCI J 7, ETH Hönggerberg, 8093 Zürich

Lieu de rendez-vous

Lecture hall HCI J 7, ETH Hönggerberg, 8093 Zürich

The Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) has awarded the Prix Schläfli 2021 to the four most important insights gained by young researchers at Swiss universities. Robert Pollice has been awarded by the Prix Schläfli Chemistry 2020 for his analysis during his PhD on how materials such as perfluoroalkanes, including Teflon, hold together – a first step towards reducing environmental pollution and health risks.

Robert Pollice, Prix Schläfli 2020

Robert Pollice will receive the Prix Schläfli Chemistry from Catherine Housecroft, University of Basel and president of the jury and present the awarded research. The lecture and the award ceremony is hosted by Peter Chen.

This conference is part of a tournee. Robert Pollice will also give his conference in the following institutions:

Tuesday 7.12. morning: University of Zürich
Tuesday 7.12. evening: University of Geneva
Wedneesday 8.12.: University of Bern
Thursday 9.12: EPFL


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