Swiss National GAW/GCOS Symposium

The Swiss National GAW/GCOS Symposium promotes the role of consistent observations for understanding of the Earth System across the water, energy and carbon cycles.

Swiss National GAW/GCOS Symposium
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This two-day event aims to gather the national GAW and GCOS communities in order to showcase achievements of both programmes and their associated communities, to promote the understanding of the water, energy and carbon cycles and assessing related observational gaps and to spark ideas across the communities for innovative collaborative approaches. By doing so, the Symposium encourages to overcome silos in the realm of systematic observation.

Furthermore, this event will feature targeted overview talks given by national and international experts. The Symposium will comprise an opening session on the importance of systematic observation, three scientific sessions for each cycle, a poster session dedicated to the national GAW and GCOS projects and activities, and, finally, a moderated panel discussion to discuss the main points of the Symposium.

The outcomes of the Symposium may form part of the future activities of the national GAW and GCOS programmes.


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