New virtual Water-Science Lab

The Virtual Water Science Laboratory (VWSL) is a new community platform for sharing data, code and protocols.

Wasser (Symbolbild)
Image: Edith Oosenbrug

The VWSL should facilitate collaboration and support reproducible experiments in water research. The goal is to overcome geographical distance for comparative hydrology and increase transparency when using computational tools in hydrological sciences. The VWSL gives access to open data through dedicated software tools for data search and upload, and helps creating protocols for joint experiments in the virtual environment. The SWITCH-ON VWSL will help you as a scientist with:

Cooperation around the world – helps you to connect with other scientists in comparative analyses and collaboration, as a mean to accelerate scientific advance in your research field.

Repeatability of experiments – enables thorough review of a large variety of numerical experiments, which is a foundational principle in scientific research and will raise your standards.

New forms of scientific research – by using online ‘living’ protocols you can elaborate ideas incrementally with a large group of colleagues and share data, tools, models, etc. in open science.


  • Data analysis
  • Hydrology, Limnology, Glaciology
  • Modelling